Friendship is a funny thing

This past weekend I got to spend some time at camp.  I love Bethel Camp.  In some ways, it is the reason that I ended up in Kentucky.  I really think that God had a huge plan up His sleeve the summer that He sent me to work at camp, but that is not the story that is on my mind right now.

I was at camp helping to cook lots of amazing food (not to brag, of course) for a writer’s retreat.  Now, in the last couple of years, I have come to realize that it is ok to admit that I actually hate writing.  I love grammar; I know how to properly construct sentences, but I hate writing.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that I am so meticulous and picky that the process is tedious to me.  Anyways, again, not the reason I am writing right now.

While my friends were all sequestered upstairs, I had ample time downstairs in the kitchen to think.  One day my thoughts may not all be about my life-altering decision to change my state of residency, but for now, it’s a pretty big deal to me right now.  I have some really good friends that I have made since moving.  I am so thankful that God has placed incredible people in my life.  My thought processes this weekend ran a little deeper though.

Making friends is really hard for my introverted, socially-awkward self.  I do not like unfamiliar situations.  They make me uncomfortable.  I do not like meeting new people.  I never know what to say to them.  Seriously.  My mind simply goes blank when I am put on the spot.  It’s bad.

Friendship is a funny thing.  Friendship requires history.  My best friends grew up through childhood and adolescence with me.  I met them at college, and they walked through my young adult years with me.  They know my history, my story, and I know theirs.  There are things to talk about and memories to share when we are together.

I moved away from those people though.  I moved away from the people who know me best to a new place with people with whom I have to start creating new histories.  That’s when the introvert in me gets really awkward and doesn’t quite know how to start fresh.  I am so thankful, however, that God continues to stretch me and strengthen me.  He teaches me new things every day.  Every day I grow a little bit more.

Warning:  it might get a little sappy from here.  For those who aren’t used to hearing such things from me, you might need to stop reading now.

I am so thankful for the many friends that God has placed in my life:  those who have known me a long time, and those who haven’t; those who text me just to see how life is going, and those who come to visit me (even if it makes me cry when you leave!); those who are across oceans, and those who are across Narnia (come visit, and I will explain).  I am thankful for words of encouragement from incredible people who care about me when I am feeling loneliest.  I am thankful that God continues to provide people who care about me, even if I think that making friends is a hard process.  The end result is always worth it!


It has been a year

One year ago today I left this

IMG_20150620_185249and I moved here.

20140725_202730It was one of the scariest decisions that I have ever had to make.  One year later, looking back, I am so glad that I followed God’s leading and moved.  I have fallen in love with eastern Kentucky.  Since I am feeling rather reflective, I am going to dedicate my first-ever blog post to a photo journey through my first year.  I think you will quickly see why I love this place!

Not only is it beautiful,


but it is also filled with beautiful people who I am now privileged to call friends.FullSizeRender FB_IMG_1437855951396 received_10204738911458870

There are also some students who like to swipe my phone when I’m not looking and fill it with selfies.  You would think I would learn to put a password on it…

20150508_130157 20150508_154809

As much as I am a southern girl, and I love the beach and heat, and I HATE the cold, I have to admit that winter was filled with beautiful scenery (and maybe even some fun times sledding and making snow angels)!


Two weeks’ worth of snow days led to a little cabin fever which led to…doughnuts made with my next-door-neighbor!  Mmmm…yum!


Needless to say, I was delighted when the weather began to warm up and spring made an appearance!

20150519_174455 20150519_174449 20150526_151757

Some other highlights included some Lower Lights (school choir) trips,

20150412_190329 20150411_163011

my brothers visiting and hiking Natural Bridge (I also really enjoyed my whole family coming for Thanksgiving!),

20150526_151855 20150526_142744


Please note what we are pretty sure was the first-ever Huber selfie.

and the mission trip to Ohio!

FB_IMG_1437857497727 FB_IMG_1437857581604

This in no way begins to cover the entire year, but it does give a brief look into my life here.  Taking a day for reflection has reminded me that God is good.  He continually supplies my every need, and has taught me to trust Him in deeper ways than ever.  May the next year be even better than this past one has been.

Personal note to those who have peer-pressured me into this (you know who you are):  Don’t get used to this blogging thing…it may not happen much!